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From large jobs to small jobs – we value each one of our clients.  We appreciate the support and wonderful feedback our clients provide.

I’m giving a perfect score for a good reason! I felt like I had my own extermination business at the ready. Your service, sympathy, & consideration to the customer is second to no company in any business. That goes for everyone on the phone & at the house. You guys are the only good thing to come of this whole nightmare. My family is so grateful for everything you’ve done. Thanks.

– B. Keown – Whatcom County.

We were so happy to finally have this huge job completed – it was a long time coming. Who knew it would be so bad until we got an expert to come & look into it! We now know more about bats & their droppings than we ever wanted to know! Thank you Arrow Pest Control & Dave & Melissa Burton for taking on the job & providing such a professional & thorough service!

– Jill J. Sieffert – Director, Human Resources – Service Alternatives, Inc..

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We became customers of Arrow Pest Control in January 2007. Arrow has been very responsive to any question or concern that has arisen. We appreciate the ability to call and ask questions while always being made feel as though we are still important customers, long after their service has been rendered.

– C & M Pearson, Anacortes

You arranged a time on Saturday to suit my tenants. Thank you. Office person was professional and at the same time a woman- quite an accomplishment. Installer lead knew how long it would take so that I could leave and return. Both installers were very courteous. Thank you, again

– JW, Oak Harbor

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